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1. Place Steel Stringer 3' apart.
2. Bolt Steel Stringer to deck.
3. Bolt Planks on Steel Stringer.


  1. Decide the width of the step, this will be the length you cut your 2 X 12 or 2 X 6 Planks. For a deck stairway we suggest you make your step 4 feet wide. For a entrance into your home we suggest 5 feet wide.

  2. First bolt the stringers to the Deck Header Board. Setting the stringers 3 feet apart and the top tread support (The part with the 4 holes, that hold the top plank) down 9 inches from the top of the deck. This rise will only be 7 inches after you install the planks. All Risers will be the same - 7 inches.

    NOTE: You always start at the top and always set the top tread support down 9 inches. Bend the bracket so the bottom sits on the concrete. The treads may not be level, but if you have the right stringers this will not be noticeable.

  3. Bolt the bottom of the stringers down to your piles, blocks or sidewalk. Be sure they are square with the deck and the same distance apart at the bottom as the top.

  4. Now bolt on the planks. You should start with one near the middle - this will keep the frames straight and the proper distance apart. Be sure the same amount of the plank sticks over each end (at least 6 inches).

    NOTE: 6 to 18 inches of plank can stick over each end of the stringers, but the stringers may not be more than 36 inches apart.

  5. You may now install a railing, by cutting the front post to the proper length, so that the top post sits perpendicular to the deck. The center of the railing should set 3 to 4 inches in from the edge of the planks. Bolt the railing down to the deck and planks as required.

  6. After you have finished your installation paint the stringers, bolts and railing with an enamel paint.

   Bolts in a Bolt Kit (All Plated):

1. Bolt Stringers to Deck you need: 2 - 3/8 X 2 Lag Bolts
2. Bolt Stringers down to concrete: 2 - 1/4 X 2 1/4 Anchor Pins with Washers & Nuts
3. Bolts for each tread you have: 8 - 1/4 X 2 Carriage Bolts & Nuts (3S1-M has 3 treads)
4. Bolt each Railing to the Deck: 2 - 5/16 X 2 Lag Bolts & Washers
5. Bolt each Railing to Tread: 2 - 5/16 X 2 Cap Screws w/ Washers & Nuts.
    (for 7R12-36 Railings & larger double this)

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