1. First find the total drop from the UPPER LEVEL to the LOWER LEVEL, (A) in the picture. Lets say (A) is 90 inches Using a 10 STEP / 11 RISER set of stringers, with 8 inch riser and a 9 inch run, we have 11 risers x 8 inches for 88 inches, moving the top up 2 inches gives us the 90 inches this moves the steps only slightly off level. In most case you may move the top up or down 2 to 3 inches.

  2. We would use stringers with a 9 inch run, so we would not block the door. Total run is 10 X 9 = 99 inches, (B) in the picture.

  3. We must be sure to leave room at the bottom of the stairs (C). We would want at least 32 inches from the bottom of the stairs to the wall.

  4. The hole cut in the upper level (E) must be long enough to make head room as you go up & down the Stairs (D).

  5. Always check with your local inspector to find out what the building codes require.

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