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Our GATE FRAMES are manufactured with 1/4" x 1" flat iron. We make our own hinges out of 1/8" x 4" plate to give the extra strength you expect. The frames are primed black and you can paint them any colour your choose. The Frames must be painted, with an enamel paint, after you complete your gate. These frames come in three sizes for different gate heights, all our frames will make a gate from 28" to 72" wide. Use the frame that best suits your situation.

Ordering (check size)
  1. GF30 Frames are for 4 foot high fences - 14 lbs.
    (will make a gate using pickets 32" to 48" long)
  2. GF42 Frames are for 5 foot high fences - 17 lbs.
    (will make a gate using pickets 48" to 60" long)
  3. GF52 Frames are for 6 foot high fences - 20 lbs.
    (will make a gate using pickets 60" to 72" long)

Installing Instructions
  1. Simply cut two - 2x4's, two inches shorter than the opening
  2. Bolt on GATE FRAMES, nail on boards and hang your gate
  3. Paint gate and frames

Use two sets of frames for double gates!

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