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Artistic Steel Gate Braces enable you to build a strong gate frame, using four 2 x 4's. Simply cut two 2 x 4's two inches shorter than your gate opening -- they are used for the top and bottom of your gate frame. Now cut two more 2 x 4's for the sides of your gate frame -- these will set the height of your gate frame. Suggested length is 25 inches shorter than the pickets you are using. If you cut the inside ends of the 2 x 4's on a slight angle, you will get a tighter fit, (see assembling picture below). Now screw the 2 x 4's to the Gate Braces, nail or screw your pickets to the top and bottom 2 x 4's. Your gate is ready to hang.

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Our GATE BRACES are manufactured with 1/4" X 1" flat iron. We make our own hinges out of 1/8" x 4" plate to give the extra strength you expect. The BRACES are primed black and you can paint them any colour your choose. The BRACES must be painted, with an enamel paint, after you complete your gate. The shipping weight is 15 lbs.

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