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1. Why do you only prime your products and why black?
Our products are for the "Do It Yourself Market" and need to be cut, drilled or have wood planks bolted to them. This means they are classed as "Building Material" and in most cases qualify for a special freight rate (Class 50). Regardless of how the product is finished and packaged, by the time it is transferred from truck to truck getting to the job site, and worked on during installation, there will be nicks, bruises and scratches to repair. So why pay to have the product finished if you will have to finish it again anyway. WHY BLACK?? Because 90 % of the products end up being finished black, black primer makes the finishing so much easier.

"This gives you the best product - at the best price".

2. Some companies claim Powder Coating give a super strong finish, good for life .. Right?
Yes they do, but on what? Large flat surfaces like signs or bins, or other things with few or no corners. We have been looking for the answer to a perfect painting system for 40 years and none can beat "We prime, You finish".

3. Will you ship my railing with no paint or primer at all?
No you must have a protection coat, so we must prime all products, but we do not charge for priming. It is done by dipping the product in a large tank of special black paint.

4. I do not know how to paint.... what do I do?
You can hire a painter, just like you would if you need to paint your living room. If you are building a new home you already have a painter.

5. If I find a paint shop here that will paint my railings, will you ship direct to them?
Of course we will, just get us a contact name, phone number and address, we'll look after it.

6. If I install my railings and give them two good coats of enamel... how long will it last?
If you are painting them black .... 8 to 12 years??

7. Can I insist that you have my product finished and I look after all the problems??
Yes in black or white ... we can get you a price on having it finished here.. You will have to look after all the repairs needed after shipping, installation & weathering.

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