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ARTISTIC CLASSIC GATES are easy to install. These few tips will help you get the job done quicker. You must have your railings installed before starting on the gate. Its best to assemble the gate. Then take it apart to install it. It will be easier to install this way.

1. The gate must swing in onto the deck. We don't want children standing on the gate when it opens out over the stair well.


2. Measure the distance between the posts where the gate will be installed. Cut the GATE SECTION five inches shorter than the distance between the posts. Now slip on the HINGE BAR and the LATCH BAR. Lock them into place with tech screws.

3. Now mount the top hinge on the post. Be sure that the top of the gate will line up with the top of the railings.

4. Remove the HINGE BAR from the gate and install it to the post. Slide the gate onto the mounted HINGE BAR and replace the locking screws.

5. If you have removed the LATCH BAR, replace it now and lock it in.

6. Close the gate and decide where to install the latch. Its best if you place it on the post about 1 to 2 inches above the SPRING BAR HOLDER. You may lock your gate by placing the LOCKING BAR through the SPRING BAR HOLDER and putting a lock on the bottom.

7. As the gate has been only primed, you must finish it with enamel paint, the colour is your choice.

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